Whiplash Injury

Treating Whiplash after an Accident

Man with whiplash after a car accident.

Experiencing pain and discomfort after an auto accident raises concerns about your recovery process. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may not notice neck pain or back pain immediately after the situation. A whiplash injury does not always result in immediate symptoms and it may take a few hours to a full day after the accident to recognize the signs of the discomfort.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash refers to any injury stemming from a sudden forward and backward motion of the head and neck. It may result from a Redwood City auto accident injury or it may relate to other accidents.

While the cause of the injury is usually obvious, it can stem from playing a sport or other activities. Since you do not always notice the symptoms immediately, you may overlook the discomfort initially and find it difficult to determine the exact moment when it occurred. Fortunately, a Redwood City chiropractor provides non-invasive and natural treatment solutions to address the discomfort and pain.

Signs and Symptoms of a Whiplash Injury

Identifying the injury plays a key role in obtaining appropriate treatment. Although a whiplash injury is not usually a difficult problem to treat, it may persist long after an accident if you ignore the symptoms and avoid treatment.

Common signs and symptoms of the injury include:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain or shoulder pain
  • Headaches that start in the back or base of the head and then work forward
  • Tight or hard muscles in the neck and shoulders
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Pain when moving the neck in a side to side or front to back motion, even when using gentle rocking motions
  • General tenderness in the area

The symptoms usually develop after a few hours, but you may overlook the symptoms for as long as 24 hours after the initial impact causing the injury. It usually occurs after a car accident or a similar situation, but any sudden impact causing the head to move in a sudden forward and backward motion may cause the injury.

Treatment Solutions

Treatment solutions depend on the severity of your symptoms and the discomfort you experience. A Redwood City chiropractor in our clinic specializes in the health of your joints, bones and connective tissues. We recognize the symptoms of the injury and provide appropriate solutions based on your needs.

At our clinic, we evaluate your injuries and develop a personalized treatment plan. We use spinal adjustments and decompression to help with specific discomforts. We also address the strain in your muscles with appropriate massage therapy and exercise programs. We teach different exercises based on your injuries and stretches to improve your health and wellness.

Visit Our Redwood City Chiropractor

Getting into an accident and facing discomfort does not necessarily mean taking harsh measures to address the injuries. A chiropractor provides appropriate treatments for whiplash and related injuries to help you recover and heal. To learn more about chiropractic care and the impact of working with a chiropractor for injuries, contact us today at (650) 366-1273.