Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage at Our Chiropractic Clinic in Redwood City

When most people think of massage, Swedish massage is what they have in mind. This widely-used massage technique has inspired and serves as the foundation for, many other types of massage therapy. The benefits of Swedish massage can be tremendous in relaxing the whole body—and calming the mind as well. Stress relief and relaxation are key to healing almost any pain or injury, so expert Swedish Massage is offered at our chiropractic practice in Redwood City. This and other forms of massage are used to complement our natural chiropractic treatments.

Woman getting Swedish Massage from her Chiropractor.

How is Swedish Massage Therapy Performed?

Swedish massage consists of long, smooth strokes, which typically run from the extremities toward the heart. Swedish massage techniques also include pressure applied with groups of fingertips to pinpoint areas of muscle tightness. Massage therapists may also use the palms of the hands, in a circular fashion, to reach deeper tissues and ease muscle tension. Massage continues with a kneading motion and the massage therapist may stretch your limbs gently and bend the joints.

What to Expect at Your Swedish Massage Appointment

Before your Swedish massage, one of our massage therapists will talk with you about your medical history and overall health, as well as any injuries or pain you are experiencing. Our trained and licensed massage therapist is attuned to the specific needs of your body and will use the information you provide to customize your massage therapy session.

You will disrobe in a private area and position yourself face down on the massage table with a towel over your lower body. Your massage therapist may begin with long strokes along your back, then move to the shoulder areas, continuing with the arms, then the back and legs. About halfway through your massage, you will turn face up, and your therapist will massage the upper shoulder area, arms, and legs. Your massage can be done gently, at a slow pace with light pressure, or may be performed in a more vigorous manner, with firmer pressure, if you prefer. You can also request, or book, a deep tissue massage for a more intense effect.

After your massage is completed, we suggest that you drink plenty of water to help complete the flushing of toxins released during the massage. Our massage therapist may offer recommendations for lifestyle, diet or stress relief if you would like.

Benefits of Swedish Massage at Our Chiropractor in Redwood City

  • Reduces cortisol levels (the body’s stress and “fight or flight” hormone).
  • Improves immune system response by increasing lymphocytes in the body, to help ward off illness.
  • Increases the blood oxygen level.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Increases flexibility and pain-free range of motion.
  • Helps to flush toxins.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Helps to banish muscle tension.
  • And more.

Get Expert Swedish Massage and Chiropractic Care in the San Francisco Bay Area

If you are interested in learning more about Swedish massage or chiropractic care, please contact Awender Chiropractic Massage & Weight Loss in Redwood City, CA today. Dr. Joseph E. Awender II, D.C. has over 25 years of experience, and is a second-generation chiropractic professional, proudly carrying on a family tradition of providing holistic care for the community. We also serve Pal Alto and Menlo Park. Contact us at 650-366-1273 today.