Sports Injury

Redwood City Sports Injury Chiropractor: Awender Chiropractic

Man with a sports injury.

Whether you’re a soccer player, wrestler, runner, football player, golfer or avid tennis player, it’s not uncommon to incur a sports-related injury for both recreational and professional sports enthusiasts. Common sports injuries include subluxation in the shoulder, neck and spine, rotator cuff, shin splints, muscle sprains, hamstring tear and muscle strains. The main reasons why athletes suffer sports injuries include powerful impacts, failing to warm up properly, over training and repetitive motions. Sports injury chiropractor Dr. Awender can help you heal from a sports-related injury and help you prevent future injuries.

Redwood City chiropractor Dr. Awender will perform spinal adjustments to ensure that the spinal bones are properly aligned and balanced. Spinal manipulations assist in relieving tension in the body, eliminate subluxations, reduce joint inflammation, relieves pain throughout muscles and joints and restores and enhances joint function. Regular visits to a sports injury chiropractor promote quicker healing after training and games, as well as overall athletic performance.

When you meet with a sports injury chiropractor Dr. Awender he will create a structural exam of your spine, balance and posture is performed. Joints, ligaments, tendons, extremities and the back are also carefully examined. Once the root cause of pain is established and a diagnosis is attained, an individualized multi-faceted treatment plan is put in place. In addition to spinal adjustments, massage therapy, ultrasound, low laser therapy or spinal decompression therapy may be used as a therapeutic treatment modality.

Spinal decompression therapy is a computer-aided traction system with treatment on a special table. The computer delivers exact and gentle hydraulic stretching to create more space in the spinal column. It’s an effective treatment for sports injuries that result in back and neck pain. It’s also a treatment that increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the injured area for faster healing. Ultrasound uses sound waves that penetrate soft tissues to enhance healing, reduce inflammation and eliminate pain. Low laser therapy utilizes concentrated and focused light and energy to accelerate healing and reduce pain.

Massage therapy is the ideal adjunct treatment modality to spinal manipulations for sports injuries. It relaxes muscles for easier acceptance of the spinal adjustment. Plus, it ramps up blood flow to increase the body’s natural healing process, reduces muscle spasms and boosts the immune system.

Redwood City Chiropractor for Sports Injuries

Dr. Joseph E. Awender II is your Redwood City chiropractor who has been helping patients recover from sports-related injuries. He takes a holistic approach when it comes to healing. Treatment plans may include spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, and massage therapy. Each treatment modality works synergistically to maximize results and reduce recovery time.

If you’re incurred a sports injury, call our Redwood City chiropractor Dr. Joseph E. Awender II at (650) 366-1273 and schedule an appointment. He will perform a comprehensive physical exam, including orthopedic and neurological, to identify the underlying cause of your pain. He’s helped many others and can help you too.