Shoulder & Neck Pain

Shoulder & Neck Pain after a Car Accident in Redwood City

If you recently suffered a Redwood City car accident injury, you may now be experiencing shoulder and neck pain. All it takes is a fender bender at speeds as low as 5 miles per hour to affect the alignment of your cervical spine and damage your spinal discs. The injury can also cause soft tissue damage and result in the neck and shoulder pain you’re experiencing.

Man experiencing neck and shoulder pain.

Our Redwood City chiropractor Dr. Awender is trained to provide treatment for car accident victims in Redwood City, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park. Receiving a chiropractic adjustment is a safe, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach to achieve pain relief after a car accident.

Identify Your Redwood City Car Accident Injury

When neck and should pain rank among your injuries, this means you probably have whiplash. This traumatic injury occurs when your neck moves back and forth quickly and abruptly as a result of a forceful car accident. The pain from whiplash extends from the base of the skull to the neck and into the shoulders. Your muscles in these areas may feel hard or knotted, and it may be impossible for you to look up or turn your head from side to side without severe pain. Your discomfort may cause difficulty sleeping or performing simple day-to-day tasks. You may even find it hard to concentrate, which affects your ability to work.

If you experience any of these symptoms of a Redwood City car accident injury, don’t delay receiving treatment! Rest assured that our Redwood City chiropractor Dr. Awender has the knowledge and experience to treat your symptoms and help you heal quickly.

Receive Care from a Redwood City Chiropractor

The first step of treating your neck pain is to uncover the root cause. A diagnostic exam determines whether your recent car accident is to blame for your discomfort. The exam focuses on detailing which specific musculoskeletal injuries you sustained, potentially including damage to the cervical spine.

With your injuries defined, Dr. Awender can formulate a custom treatment plan, not just conceal your pain, but alleviate it at the source. You can expect to benefit from gentle, safe chiropractic adjustment techniques when you choose our Redwood City chiropractor for help overcoming your injury. The results of treatment include reduced nerve and muscle compression, restored range of motion, healed soft tissues, and long-lasting pain relief.

Schedule an Adjustment from Your Redwood City Chiropractor Today!

Remember, the neck and shoulder pain you’re experiencing won’t simply dissipate on its own. In fact, failure to receive the treatment you need could result in chronic spinal problems for years to come. Nip this possibility in the bud by visiting our Redwood City office for a chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Awender. Our conservative, drug-free healing techniques are just what you need to restore your quality of life.

Whether your neck and shoulder pain is mild or severe, contact us to request an appointment online or at 650-366-1273 to begin treatment with an experienced Redwood City chiropractor.