Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Prenatal Chiropractic Care at Awender Chiropractic

At Awender Chiropractic, we are committed to providing personalized, all-natural wellness care that truly maximizes every patient's quality of life. If you're expecting a child, you need a wellness regimen that accommodates your changing body, minimizes your risks, and keeps you and your child healthy. Our prenatal chiropractic care includes custom treatment plans that allow us to do the following for pregnant patients.

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Correct Misalignment

Chiropractic care requires a full-body approach because back pain, neck pain, and other symptoms that affect your spinal column are often caused by changes elsewhere in your body. Of course, pregnancy causes enormous changes that affect your bones, including:

  • Pelvic shifts
  • Changes in posture
  • Curved back
  • Protruding abdomen
  • Weight gain

If your spine or joints are inflamed or misaligned, your body will not have proper support. Alignment issues also reduce the amount of space available for delivery, especially if your pelvis is shifted out of place. We correct misaligned vertebrae and bones to help you re-achieve the pelvic balance and spinal support that you and your baby need for a healthy pregnancy.

Minimize Pregnancy Risks

We want you to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery, so we will personalize a prenatal chiropractic care regimen that meets your specific needs. The American Pregnancy Association recommends self-care techniques to minimize stress, fatigue, and nausea during pregnancy, and our chiropractic techniques are already designed to do just that.

Reduce Stress and Tension

We focus on your overall wellness, not just your physical body. Our Redwood City prenatal care is personalized to help you relieve tension and joint pain during gestation, and your solution may include massage therapy or chiropractic adjustments that reduce inflammation and relax your muscles and tissue. Of course, it's also important to maintain your body's immune system and strength during your pregnancy, and our prenatal massage therapy provides the stress-reducing power you need. Our goal is to minimize symptoms and maximize your ability to enjoy this important chapter of your life.

Manage Nausea and Discomfort

Morning sickness isn't just uncomfortable; nausea and vomiting can also increase your pregnancy risks, especially if interferes with your ability to stay hydrated. We use all-natural chiropractic techniques and design personalized nutrition plans to help you minimize and manage your pregnancy-related nausea. If you have a sensitive stomach, we may even use chiropractic methods to stimulate your nerves and balance your hormone levels.

Call us today at (650) 362-8176 to schedule an appointment with our Redwood City chiropractor. We look forward to helping you embrace and enjoy your pregnancy, with prenatal chiropractic care that is personally designed for you and your family.

Prenatal and Perinatal massage

Pre and Perinatal massage therapy is designed to help an expectant mother in her 2nd and 3rd trimester reduce muscle and joint pain brought on by the body's changes due to pregnancy: weight gain, increased bodily fluid that support and nourish the fetus, fatigue to list a few. These changes can bring upon additional pressure and pain to the musculoskeletal system. Pre and Perinatal uses modified techniques and postures to reduce stress and bring comfort to the mother with a baby on the way as well as the mother after childbirth