Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage from Our Chiropractor in Redwood City

The wellness staff at Awender Chiropractic focuses on natural techniques to restore your body to its best. If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, we recommend massage therapy as a relaxing and helpful way to prepare your body for childbirth and to help you recover after birth. Our Redwood City massage therapists work with you to determine the appropriate amount of massage pressure, where you need massage the most and discuss your health goals and how massage therapy fits into them. Dr. Awender and the health team combine a variety of techniques including massage therapy, chiropractic, corrective exercises, and nutrition to keep you feeling your best during this beautiful transitional time.

Benefits of Massage During and After Pregnancy

When you first discover you are pregnant, the happiness radiates throughout you. As you continue your pregnancy, your body is changing to carry the weight of the growing baby and to prepare for delivery. Massage therapy during this time eases small discomforts such as backaches, leg pain, and swelling. Our therapists gently massage your muscles to reduce muscle tension and this also helps muscles move into new positions to accommodate your growing belly and opening hips. Using this natural pain-relieving technique helps you avoid medications and also reduces the stress that may accompany these changes. Our Redwood City massage therapists use prenatal massage to support your mind and your body during this time. Massage is also a wonderful way to improve circulation and reduce leg swelling. Our therapists massage you in a position that is comfortable for your changing body which may include sitting in a massage chair.

After you welcome your little one to the world, we continue to take care of the new mom. We know this transitional time includes little sleep, lots of energy and a discovering of your new body and the changes that come with this. Massage therapy after delivery helps to eliminate muscle tension in your back, legs, shoulders, and arms. During delivery, you may have tensed these muscles and massage helps to ease the tension and any remaining discomfort. As you continue to adjust to motherhood, your shoulders, back and arms may feel tight from carrying your little one. We help ease this muscle tightness too and keep you centered and prepared for each day. Massages also promote better sleep to keep you feeling your best.

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Our Redwood City massage therapists enjoy helping moms-to-be and new mothers. We use a gentle touch to stimulate circulation, recovery and eliminate muscle tension. This prepares your body for birth and also helps your body recovery from delivery. We want to be a part of your wellness journey and look forward to educating you on the benefits of massage for the entire family. If you have never experienced the benefits of massage therapy, we encourage you to contact us today at 650-366-1273 to schedule your prenatal or postnatal massage.