Chiropractic Care

Natural Chiropractic for the Redwood City & Menlo Park Community

Awender Chiropractic is proud to provide quality chiropractic care to the members of the Redwood City Community! Our chiropractic care offers natural, non-invasive pain relief to patients who suffer from chronic pain, muscle strain, joint discomfort and a variety of common illnesses. How does chiropractic care benefit the people of Redwood City? Chiropractic treatment treats the nervous system, and by doing so affects all other systems of the body.

Dr. Awender Offers the Following Types of Chiropractic Care

We offer a variety of chiropractic services to help heal your body and keep you comfortable.

  • Spinal Decompression - Spinal decompression treats conditions like herniated or bulging disc by using negative pressure to put the disc back in its rightful place.
  • Massage Therapy - Therapeutic massage helps relax your muscles and increase blood flow to injured areas.
  • Nutritional Counseling - We offer nutritional counseling to help you stay healthy and ensure that your body has what it needs in order to keep functioning.
  • Cold Laser Therapy - Cold lasers penetrate deep into the skin of the body and interact with damaged cells, helping to heal them.
  • Mechanical Traction - This method uses traction to reduce pressure on parts of the body, increasing blood flow and helping to heal conditions like herniated disc, back, neck and arm pain and carpal tunnel.

Patients in Redwood City & Menlo Park Come to Us for Non-Invasive Treatment

With so many chiropractic services to offer, patients can come to Awender Chiropractic for treatment of a variety of conditions.

  • Migraines and Headaches - Migraines and headaches are often caused by stress of the muscles in the neck and head. In addition, some misalignments of the vertebrae can cause headaches. Our treatments relax the muscles and restore alignment to the spine.
  • Ear Infections - Chiropractic adjustments help improve drainage in the ear, helping to relieve pressure in infected ears and reduce the likelihood of a return.
  • Sports Injuries - Sports injuries like injured tendons and joints and strained muscles can lead to pain and can prevent participation in future games. Our natural treatments restore range of motion and help strengthen muscles to prevent injuries in the future.
  • Carpal Tunnel - Carpal tunnel is a problem resulting from compression of the median nerve in the arm. Our chiropractic adjustments can help relieve pressure on the median nerve and reduce pain.
  • Digestive Issues - Studies have linked subluxation of the spinal cord to problems with the digestive tract, including conditions like Crohn's disease. This is why we administer spinal adjustments to patients who have problems with the digestive tract.
  • Preventative Care - We offer lifestyle advice and routine spinal adjustments for our patients to prevent them from becoming injured or developing chronic pain.
  • Auto Injuries and Work Injuries - We treat auto injuries and work injuries, particularly those that result in musculoskeletal pain. We also assist patients with workers’ compensation paperwork to help ensure that their treatments are covered.

Want to know more? Contact Awender Chiropractic Offices today to find out how we can help you live pain free.