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Our Redwood City Chiropractor Treats Back Pain

Our chiropractor in Redwood City, Dr. Awender, delivers effective back pain treatments. Chiropractic care is the desired way to ease back pain. Instead of other treatments that may result in side effects, chiropractic treatments are natural and without side effects. Plus, chiropractic care works with your body's ability to restore itself to health. As your back pain management continues, your entire body becomes stronger and healthier. This leads to less risk of back pain and injury in the future.

severe back pain.

Our Chiropractor Redwood City CA Delivers Effective Back Pain Relief

Dr. Awender examines your back pain to determine the cause. Once we identify the cause of your pain, our goal is to then offer effective back pain relief. Some causes of back pain include:

Herniated disc - the discs are located between the vertebrae. Discs are gel-like cushions that ease your movements and prevent the vertebrae from pressing on nerves. If a disc herniates, it slips out of its proper place and can interfere with nerve signal flow. You may also experience back pain, arm or leg weakness and numbness.

Sciatica - the sciatic nerve leaves your spine near the base. If this nerve is compressed due to a vertebra that has moved or a herniated disc, you experience lower back pain, hip pain, and leg pain.

Vertebrae subluxation - the vertebrae are the bones of your spine. These can shift out of alignment and cause pain and pressure.

Spinal abnormalities - if your spine is curved in an unnatural way, you may be dealing with scoliosis or kyphosis which can increase your back pain.

Muscular imbalances - a muscle strain, tension or an imbalance may lead to pain in your back or can pull a vertebra out of alignment.

The above reasons for back pain and other causes of your discomfort are all treated effectively through chiropractic care. Dr. Awender gently positions your vertebrae to alleviate nerve pressure and herniated discs. We use massage therapy to eliminate muscular tension and scar tissue from previous injuries. Our treatments may also include spinal decompression to create more space for the proper placement of herniated discs. Our health team cares for your back pain by teaching you proper posture and corrective exercises to support a strong and healthy core.

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Residents of Redwood City and the neighboring communities have discovered the healing benefits of natural chiropractic care. If you are looking for pain management for your lower back pain, sciatica, herniated discs and muscle strains, we encourage you to try our chiropractic treatment options. Awender Chiropractic is conveniently located in Redwood City and serves all of the surrounding areas. Dr. Awender and our health team know you want the relief of natural back pain treatments. From chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy to spinal decompression and lifestyle guidance, our health team combats your pain through a variety of services. Our service options are available for your entire family, so we encourage you to schedule your appointment by calling us today at (650) 366-1273.