Auto Accident Injury

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries

Woman in pain after an auto accident.

Auto accidents can cause a variety of injuries and health problems, but symptoms may not reveal themselves immediately. It is important to relieve your tension and fully understand the scope of your injuries before complications occur. At Awender Chiropractic Massage & Weight Loss, we assess and treat your whole auto accident injury instead of relieving individual symptoms.

In over 22 years of practice, Dr. Awender has always taken care of a high number of patients injured in automobile accidents. He has received special training in his field from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, receiving The Masters’ Certification Program presented by Dr. Arthur C. Croft and Mandates of Personal Injury Litigation presented by Dr. Frank E. Liberti, D.C. of Medical Management Consultants. By being an expert in this field, his goal is to translate that knowledge into improved chiropractic care and patient management for those with automobile injuries, especially whiplash injuries.

Although neck and/or shoulder pain is the most common symptom associated with whiplash injury, other symptoms may include headaches, neck swelling, muscle spasms, numbness or tingling in your arms, nausea, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, and blurred vision. Symptoms may be present immediately after an accident or they may slowly begin to develop over hours or even days.

Our Redwood City chiropractor, Dr. Awender, knows that trauma to your spine can damage your nerves, muscles, vertebrae, and entire upper body. Our whole team works hard to offer long-term solutions for patients throughout Redwood City and Menlo Park.

Injuries and Conditions that Chiropractic Care Treats

If you were recently involved in an auto accident, you may suffer from symptoms of a common auto accident injury. We treat the following injuries and conditions at our Redwood City, CA chiropractic office:


Whiplash occurs when your head is snapped forward and backward with abrupt force. Rear-end collisions cause most cases of whiplash, and chiropractic care is an effective way to restore damaged cells and correct alignment problems.

Back Pain

Chronic and acute back pain has many possible causes, and it's important to understand the nature of your specific symptoms in order to treat your auto accident injury. You may have joint pain with or without disc pain, for example, or notice that headaches coincide with your symptoms.

Shoulder & Neck Pain

Spinal injuries can lead to arm pain if you have a bone spur or herniated disc, and chronic neck pain is common after whiplash, herniated discs, and nerve or bone damage. We use massage therapy and chiropractic techniques to relieve and resolve it.

Seat Belt Injury

Your seatbelt will save your life, but can also constrain your body during forceful collisions, especially if it locks up. We treat the subsequent nerve and tissue damage.

Massage Therapy After an Auto Accident

Whether your injury was minor or severe, tension and anxiety are likely after an auto accident. We use massage therapy to increase your circulation and speed up the healing process after injuries. If you have whiplash or painful strains, our deep tissue massage therapy may also relieve your pain and relax your muscles. If you have migraines after an auto accident, you may benefit from massage therapy to loosen your neck and head muscles.

Chiropractic Care for Your Auto Accident Injury

At Awender Chiropractic Massage & Weight Loss, we get to the root of your auto accident injury to find the most effective solutions. Headaches, neck pain, back pain and other injuries are often caused by misaligned vertebrae, which our Redwood City chiropractor will correct with a chiropractic adjustment or alignment. Spinal decompression is another chiropractic technique that relieves pressure on herniated discs and helps to restore your range of motion after an auto accident injury.

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