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Weight Loss

Awender Chiropractic & Massage Offers Weight Loss Programs in Redwood City

If you want to lose weight, you are not alone – about 51 percent of Americans want to lose weight, according to a recent Gallup poll. You may not have considered seeing a chiropractor for weight loss but, in fact, our chiropractor in Redwood City can help you lose weight. Chiropractic weight loss programs help people lose weight through medically supervised weight loss. If you need to lose weight, consider seeing a chiropractor in Redwood City.

Woman showing off her recently slim figure.

The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you take in, of course, but successful dieting is not that simple. Low-calorie diets are often low in protein and nutrients, and this leaves you feeling worn out, hungry and listless. You may lose important muscle mass, and this means you might even end up being less fit than when you started your weight loss diet.

Calorie restrictions, low protein intake, loss of muscle mass, hunger and fatigue can cause you to “fall off” your diet plan and regain some of the weight you lost. A medical weight loss plan can help you consume a healthy diet that actually provides all the protein and nutrition you need without all the calories. Medical weight loss programs work with your body to help you lose weight.

Redwood City Chiropractic Weight Loss Programs

Chiropractic weight loss programs in Redwood City take a holistic, non-invasive approach that may include lifestyle changes to bring about long-term weight loss results without the use of pills, fads, or surgery. If you are looking to make a permanent change in your health and lifestyle, visiting our chiropractor may be the key to your weight loss success.

Medical weight loss programs always start with a complete evaluation of your overall health and a review of any underlying conditions you may have. During an initial consultation, our chiropractor analyzes your body’s composition of fat, bone, muscle and water. Our chiropractor will then recommend a chiropractic weight loss program designed especially for you.

Chiropractic weight loss programs may include the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, a fast and healthy approach to losing weight. The program offers long-lasting results and is proven effective by consumers just like you. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method includes delicious gourmet foods that contain highly absorbable protein combined with essential amino acids, mineral salts, and other supplements. This special formula helps you lose weight without losing muscle mass. Our chiropractor near Redwood city can help you get started.

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If you want to lose weight, contact our chiropractor at Awender Chiropractor, your home for medically-supervised weight loss. We also provide drug-free pain relief and wellness care. We are conveniently located in the heart of Redwood City at 2342 El Camino Real Suite 100 Redwood City, CA. Make your appointment for medically supervised weight loss with Awender Chiropractic by calling (650) 366-1273.