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IP Weight Loss Testimonials

Adri S. 

I enrolled in their ideal Protein program over two months ago, not only the 
staff is friendly and supportive but the environment is professional and 

I have still to try the massages but as far as health support this has been 
a life changer for me! 


Ideal Protein is a diet that works! I experienced this diet 5 years ago and 
was successful but I had 2 babies since then. After having my 3rd child, 
reaching age 40 and postpartum weight, I was determined to lose the weight 
My IP coach Irene is especially supportive. The diet is strict and you have 
to stick through it if you really want to see results. 


I've reached my goal of losing 45 lbs (in 5 months), and I feel empowered 
and exited about the program and my success. I'm happy to answer any PM 
messages for those who are considering the program. *** 

I'm so glad I have come across the Ideal Protein diet, and grateful to yelp 
reviewers for that! I was on the diet first for 3 months at a different 
office, before I transferred to Awender Chiropractics and lost 30 lbs in 3 
months. I'm now in the second stage of the diet. I've lost about 10 lbs 
since I started a month ago, and I'm close to the finishing line!! I've been 
more than happy with the support I get from AC's coach Irene! She is 
friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive! 

So what brought me to try IP is that I've been successful in the past by 
losing weight on Weight Watchers, but it took almost two years to lose 30 
lbs. And with stresses of daily life, I've gained all that weight back. I 
could not bring myself to do the counting again, and felt like I needed a 
structured and well thought through program, which I can follow, that does 
not involve appetite suppressants, and provides adequate support. Ideal 
Protein has been all that. 

The program is well organized. It is based on research and is simply smart. 
It puts emphasis on eating high quality proteins, lots of veggies, drinking 
lots of water, and drastically reducing carbs. You'd have to eat some of the 
IP foods, and some of your own (mostly veggies and proteins). At first, I 
thought I'd have to suffer without fruit or a bit of a sweet snack, but I 
have never felt so good and not craving any of these things. Even though the 
IP foods provide some satisfaction for those of us with sweet tooth: they 
offer drinks and bars which are delicious and I'll be eating them even after 
I'm done with the program. The sweet foods are sweetened with sugar 
alternatives. Originally, I felt not so sure about the foods from the powder 
(you'd need to dilute them with water for a meal, shake or a soup), but they 
are delicious and very filling. There is enough variety in food so you can 
sustain the diet for many months. 

I'm a vegetarian, and the counselors told me I would be losing a bit slower 
than meat eaters, but I found myself steadily losing 2-3 pounds a week. The 
program is doable although it does require determination and consistent 
effort, but if you plan your meals, have snacks ready and incorporate 
veggies, it gives good energy and no hunger at all! 

The main things that helped me were sticking with the protocol, eating 
frequently, watching the Ideal Protein video clips for support and checking 
in with my coach. I'm happy about this program, it was a big investment but 
it was all worth it for the results so great, and for the sense of 
empowerment it gave.